1RM - One Rep Max

A utility app built for iOS, using xCode. At the gym and you want to calculate what your one rep max should be? Find it easily with this app. Then take your max and choose a percentage to find the right weight to workout at, and know which plates to put on the bar! Check it out on the App Store.

  • iOS
  • Swift 3
  • xCode

Multiplayer Mahjong

Traditional version of Mahjong where four players play a rummy-like game with tiles. It is playable with four people via the Play button above. Click a tile when it is your turn to discard it. Any actions you may have will show up and be clickable, too.

If you have suggestions/feedback/bug reports please contact me!

  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Ninja Pool

Car Pooling app my team made for our school. Utilizes google maps to help students find nearby carpools, and optimizes their route. I built the messaging service, designed the logo and original concept.

  • Django
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • Google Maps API

2048 Clone

A clone of the viral number-puzzle game 2048. Combine like numbers to make the number 2048 and beyond. I researched, tested and implemented gestures, created the scoreboard and utilized core data to save the top score.

  • xCode
  • Swift/iOS